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Hangzhou Xifu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D factory temperature and humidity recorder, GPRS wireless monitoring system, temperature and humidity monitoring system, cold chain temperature monitoring system, wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system and drug warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system integrator and equipment manufacturing Business, focus on the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry, food transportation, cold chain monitoring, warehouse warehousing, drug storage and transportation, file storage and other fields, using wired, wireless, GPRS, WIFI, ZIGBEE and other technical means to achieve temperature and humidity system integration. The equipment produced meets the requirements of the new GSP pharmaceutical chain and GMP pharmaceutical companies.
Company mission
Provide a total solution for the global environmental monitoring field
Provide unique solution to worldwide environmental monitoring
Company Vision
Become a product and service provider in the global environmental monitoring field
Global environmental monitoring product & service provider
Strong research and development strength
Research and development and technological innovation are the driving force behind enterprise development. The 21st century is an era of rapid development of information technology. The company has invested a large number of R&D personnel and R&D funds to integrate high-tech in IoT and IT fields, and continuously innovate in high-tech fields such as environmental monitoring, IOT sensors, and bioelectronics. And development, to seize the commanding heights of the IoT industry.


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